Polymer flies high

NadTal's steampunk lady wins the prize on PolymerClayDaily.com

San Diego’s Nadia (NadVal) created her own version of Belted Kingfishers for the art competition at the San Diego County Fair. Her polymer kingfisher flies with a steampunk flock.

The real species is one of only a few  whose females have plumage brighter than males. Despite the warlike appearance, this one is female.

And she’s a prize winner. The framed bird took the top prize in the show.

Read more about the bird on Nadia’s site, Flickr and Facebook.

  • reply Pati Bannister, ,

    This is terrific and utterly charming! Congratulations!

    • reply fiona abel-smith ,

      Stunning piece, many congratulations, very well deserved.

      • reply Diana ,

        WOW!!! Amazing!

        • reply Barbara ,

          I love this kingfisher! Like a knight in shining armor!

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Way to go. This is amazing and an innovative take on steampunk.

            • reply Christina ,

              Huge congratulations on the San Diego Fair win! Totally earned and deserved!

              • reply Nadia ,

                Dear Cynthia
                Thanks a lot for your interest to my work

                • reply Carla R. ,

                  Wow! That hit me like a brick when the PCD page opened. Definitely deserved it’s win. Congrats, Nadia.

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