Annie Laura's garden in relief on

Though she often uses polymer as a form for her electroformed copper work, Annie Laura (AnnieLauraHandmade) sometimes features the clay itself, as in this relief of a flower from her garden.

She created a deep mold of the flower. Its depth gives the bead startling dimension. The painted colors are scrumptious and she finished by highlighting each bud with a dab of clear coating.

Have a look at Annie Laura’s lovely electroformed pieces. When she needs a break from metal and glass work, she creates another batch of her polymer ammonites and sea urchins that integrate well with other media. What a pleasure to work with a material that offers such versatility.

Annie Laura’s full name and location weren’t easy to find. Can you help fill in the blanks?

Have a great weekend and join us at Studio Mojo for a look at other wild and wonderful ways to use polymer.

  • reply Annie Laura ,

    Wow, thank you for writing such a lovely piece about my work, Cynthia! What a thoughtful and sweet post!

    • reply Karen A. Scofield ,

      How lovely to see this!

      Ceramic bead artist, Mary Harding being my original inspiration, I’m up in the Black Hills of South Dakota making impressions of rocks, twigs, ferns, and flowers into an air-dry clay so that when I return to civilization, I will make molds and then faux ceramic polymer clay pendants.

      Naturally, I love Laura’s work!

      Now I wish I had brought more clay up here!

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