Shape-shifting brooch

Garcia de Leaniz gathers crenulated polymer on

This brooch is part of a new line from Spain’s Natalia Garcia de Leaniz. It’s slinky and wormy and makes you want to smile and run your fingers across the crenulated Skinner-blend surface.

Can’t you imagine bending the snakes into other shapes or making them into tube beads?

Natalia and Dani often come up with head-scratching shapes. What could she have used to make this one? We’ll have to watch (Flickr and Facebook) to learn more.

  • reply Natalia Garcia de leaniz ,

    This made my day! Thanks so much Cynthia for featuring my work here. 🙂
    This brooch is part of the series of new pieces I am working on, having so much fun playing with colors and the shapes.
    I will be teaching this technique at The Las Vegas Clay Carnival in October and also in Madrid in May 2018.

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