Olive green with jealousy

Sliced stripes from Sandra Trachsel on PolymerClayDaily.com

Switzerland’s Sandra Trachsel says of her bracelet inspired by an Irish Quilt pattern, “It is actually not a cane, but striped patterns cut and burnished together.”

I was certainly fooled. You’ll have to read the descriptions on each of her photos on Flickr to be sure you’ve guessed the technique correctly.

Her olive green diamonds pendant may stump you too. She created the basic color pattern, positioned a silk screen over the color shapes and added paint in perfect register. Impressive, eh?

When my studio gets messy, you may note that PCD posts gravitate to neatniks and perfectionists who control the clay so well. The reason for my change in focus contains equal parts jealousy and admiration.

  • reply Lyn ,

    Sandra’s work is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • reply Sandra Trachsel ,

      Thank you Cynthia for featuring my work here in PCD and for the eloquent comment. If you are a “perfectionist” like me, you sometimes wish you could be messy. For geometric patterns this is perfect but not for other techniques…

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