Eliciting a response

Susan Crocenzi's 30" mixed media Radiate brought her client to tears on PolymerClayDaily.com

This sumptuous and resplendent mixed media mosaic piece by California’s Susan Crocenzi brought tears to her client’s eyes! “I don’t know how she created such a perfect replica of what my head dreamed up without me being able to describe it, but she sure did,” said the new owner.

The 30″ wall art entitled Radiate is made of polymer clay tiles (border and inner circle), salvaged glass, minerals, beads, crystals, druzy, geodes, crystals, and smalti. Follow Susan’s progress on the polymer components on her Instagram video and visit close up on Facebook 

If you browse through Susan’s sites, you can see how polymer grabbed her and wouldn’t let go. More and more pops of polymer began showing up in her work. She currently exhibits 20 6″x6″ mixed media tiles in a show at Blue Line Arts. She will teach new methods she’s developed for mixing polymer and glass in Mexico in February.

What a thrill to have your artwork elicit that response!

  • reply Susan Crocenzi ,

    Thank you so much, PCD!!

    • reply Laurie Mika ,

      Another stunning piece by SUSAN! Nice to have her work spotlighted….

      • reply Arlene schiek ,

        This is absolutely stunning! It incorporates such skills.composition,texture,color,use of different sizes of motifs in such a perfect whole. This piece drew me in like no other polymer piece has in years.

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