Ice in the pasta machine!

Melissa Terlizzi finds ice in her pasta machine on

The start of this polar bear plaque was an icy-looking piece of clay that Melissa Terlizzi loved as it rolled out of her pasta machine. Perfect chunky glacial accident! All it needed was a big furry animal!

“The sheet of clay behind the bear is my favorite part of this piece. I loved the raw edges and organic shape, so I just left them that way,” she says.

Melissa mounted the piece on a silver-leafed wood panel treated with a crackle finish, and tiny silver microbeads which all sparkle! See the final version on Facebook.

In our hemisphere, this chilly scene seems just right.

  • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

    I love Melissa’s polar bear! This is how so many of my polymer wall plaques start out, from a happy accident from running scrap clay through the pasta machine. Wow!

    • reply Miranda Farrand ,

      I’m a proud owner of several of Melissa’s art pieces. She does consistently fabulous work!

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