Fidget spinning polymer

Fidget spinner mystery from Ebet on PolymerClayDaily

Running into someone as anonymous as Ebeth00Studioe is rare these days. I was deep into Photoshop cutting out this photo when it occurred to me that I should look for background information about Ebeth.

Her Instagram profile left me pretty empty-handed so I’ll have to rely on PCD readers who may know something about her. Country?

Colors sometimes grab me and I’m off to the races. Silhouetting in Photoshop provides my evening meditation. You’d think I’d know to slow down by now but I’m lulled into a familiar routine.

So we know it’s mokume gane of some kind. Maybe it was the fidget spinner bead in the middle that enticed me to play. Does anyone out in PCD-land have some clues?

  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

    I have no idea, Cynthia. Her/his work is fab. I could look at this piece for hours.

    • reply Mona Chan ,

      Not any help either just a thank you for sharing such an amazing piece!

      • reply Karen Green ,

        I found this when I clicked on the EbethooStudioe above… I’m Elizabeth Hamilton, but eBeth is fine too. I live in Charlotte, NC, and have been beading since 2006, and claying since 2014.

        • reply Jane Gassner ,


          • reply Sue Sutherland ,

            Elizabeth Hamilton is one of Ellen Prophater’s students–a regular at Creative Journey. We are proud of her–glad she caught your eye. I know she will be excited to be featured!

            • reply Sandra ,

              Love it. amazing art.

              • reply Chris Owens ,

                Lovin’ EbethooStudioe work!

                • reply Suzanne Branca ,

                  Love that spinner bead. What a beautiful piece of art. You are so talented Elizabeth!

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