When simple is soothing

Juliya Laukhina extrudes and wraps beads from a spring palette on PolymerClayDaily

Today we examine close shades of extruded ribbons of green polymer wrapped around ultralight core beads.

Again easy and effective techniques that rely on color and repetition. No overworking or overthinking. Leaching or cooling the clay accentuates the ragged edges of the flattened extruded strings.

These spring beads are from Moscow’s Juliya Laukhina and you’ll find more of her delicate, natural way with color on her Instagram and Etsy sites. (The beads are already on their way to a customer in Connecticut.)

Sometimes we make our creations more complex than they need to be when simple can be so effective.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    These are lovely! Great texture and color combo, too.

    • reply Cindy Lietz ,

      I have been falling more and more in love with these types of simple, rustic techniques lately! There is something so special about letting polymer clay just do it’s thing. Juliya’s work exemplifies that very idea. Stunning!

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