A day at the beach

Lyn Tremblay's small triptych takes us to the shore on PolymerClayDaily

Ontario’s Lyn Tremblay completed these small tiles at the recent Morrisburg Polymer Clay Retreat. The colors on the wonderfully textured beach-like triptych are enhanced with pan pastels. See more on Facebook.

Deep conversation with house guests (and maybe that glass of wine) made me forget all about writing a post for Friday!  PCD is a wee bit slow today.

Luckily my meandering assortment of discoveries, links, and ideas for Saturday’s StudioMojo is already composed. Join us for some lovely weekend morsels to savor and explore. 

  • reply Helen Breil ,

    I sat beside Lyn as she made this great triptych and was amazed at how focused and calm she was creating it. I find myself very distracted at these events and find it hard to produce anything major. Not so for Lyn. Her skill and creativity were in high gear!

    • reply Lyn ,

      Thanks so much Helen! I think literally rubbing elbows with others whose creative works are floating about these events is where I find my inspiration. Even if there is a technique being demoed that I might not be particularly interested in, art is happening all around and I find that so stimulating!

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