Carefree and Seuss-like

Joey Barnes makes carefree a catching concept on PolymerClayDaily

This wonky, carefree vessel was built over a wooden form and has a bright red interior. The Dr. Seuss-like form is from Texas’ Joey Barnes and its carefree attitude made it a hit in the conference auction. Examine Joey’s whimsical piece on Instagram and Facebook.

After a long drive home I’m reinvigorated and back on schedule. A few days of playing and experimenting can wake you up and move you in surprising directions. PCD is back!


  • reply Leah S ,

    I love the shape and the white and black design!
    What was the Virginia conference? I keep seeing it mentioned in the last few posts but haven’t found any mention of it elsewhere. Are these open conferences? I’m in Maryland and would totally drive down for some clay time!

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