Samunnat angels won't be flying this year. Ke Garne! on

Three Samunnat ladies were due to fly from Kathmandu to Detroit in October for a US tour. This week Ron Lehocky and I learned that the US denied their visa applications. There is no appeals process.

Bummer! Or as they say in Nepal “Ke Garne” That’s a resigned, “What can you do?”

We imagined angels Gita, Pramila, and Kopila with their bags all packed.

“We knew it was a possibility that they wouldn’t get the visas but I guess we let ourselves feel hopeful. It all comes down to convincing the interviewer that you have adequate ties in Nepal to make sure you return,” says founder and organizer Wendy Moore from Australia.

Thanks to all you polymer folks who so graciously offered your help and hospitality. The funds raised for travel will be redirected to other projects. Samunnat is now in its eleventh year. Please follow them on Instagram and on their blog to track their progress.

Our apologies to our would-be visitors. Let’s hope the world becomes more welcoming in the future. For now, “Ke Garne.”

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Such disappointing news, I’m so sorry,Kopila, Pramila and GIta.

    • reply Jan Montarsi ,

      It is highly disappointing that we will not get to meet them in person. We will find other ways to share our talents.

      • reply Laurie Mika ,

        Looking forward to the day when our country is once again a place where hospitality and cultural exchange are encouraged…..

        • reply Alison Gallant ,

          That is such a pity. The EU immigration officials must have been more trusting that Kopila would return to Nepal when they granted her visas to come to EuroSynergy in 2014 and the Fimo 50th birthday celebrations in 2016. We did have a few stressful weeks until we knew that Kopila could definitely come to Malta with Wendy!

          • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

            Well BUMMER! Hopefully next time around they will be grated their travel visas! “Ke Garne”!

            • reply Wendy Moore ,

              Darling Cynthia, we are, as you know, gutted. We thought we had prepared ourselves for a negative outcome but then when it comes….Kopila, Gita and Pramila were so very excited. What stays the same though is the level of support and love be we feel from the polymer community and the knowledge that our work is valued and encouraged. We may have been rejected by a small part of the bureaucracy but we are embraced by you all and words can’t say how much that means. My heart aches for these girls who were so proud, excited and brave thinking about this trip. Australians have a similar phrase to Ke Garne but it’s less printable.mwah to you all.

              • reply Alice ,

                I’m so sorry, it’s so disappointing for everyone.

                • reply Chris Owens ,

                  It is a shame for everyone’s hard work to end with a closed door. We will persist in collaborating long distance until sanity returns to such decisions.

                  • reply Lilly ,

                    You can’t appeal but you can reapply. Doesn’t sound right that all three were denied. They all have work and business ties in Nepal, bank accounts, addresses, etc. They are going for a fixed time for a specific purpose – including business and education — they probably have family in Nepal. read through all the information on the USA Consulate website for Nepal citizens visiting USA and reapply. Bring necessary documents to the visa interview. If still denied, something’s not right. Seek legal help.

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