Go deep with translucent

Meg Newberg goes deep with translucent canes on PolymerClayDaily.com

Meg Newberg has been on a translucent jag with her Polymer Clay Workshop monthly tutorials lately. If you like canes, Meg’s monthly dose of new ideas via email can fuel your cane brain at a very reasonable price.

You can glean some translucent ideas from her YouTube video (no audio) but you’ll need the written tutorial to get a complete load of goodies. Little translucent canes go a long way and Meg shows you how to stretch their usefulness.

I’m on vacation this week and while I thought I could keep up on the road, I was mistaken. Sometimes you just have to back away from the machine. No promises for the rest of this family week. 

  • reply Denise Osborne ,

    I just love Meg’s tutorials. So easy to understand for only $5 a month. This one and the last 2 go so well together.

    • reply Sue ,

      Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure you have earned it. We all need to take care of ourselves.

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