Peggy Rose gets great depth with Meg Newberg's method. Or is it glass? on

Spokane’s Peggy Rose, one of Meg Newberg’s subscribers, sent in her version of Meg’s newest cane inspiration. Looks like Peggy got it right!

I sometimes gush about Meg’s “cane brain” but you know she’s onto something when her followers can come up with their own versions like this.

As I read about Peggy on her FB I saw that she’s a lampworker too. I’ve messaged her to verify that this is polymer. What’s your guess?

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    1. It’s gorgeous, either way. 2. If that’s polymer, I desperately want a tutorial!

    • reply Peggy Rose ,

      It is polymer, the tut is wonderful, although very detailed and a bit tedious, but I love that about it!!

      • reply Christina L Whipple ,

        Thanks for letting us know, Peggy Rose. That IS gorgeous. I have the tutorial, but haven’t used it yet. Did you use a Foredom Bench Buffer to get the super-high shine?

        • reply Peggy Rose ,

          Thanks for your kind words. I don’t know the brand, but yes I did use a bench buffer, after I sanded to 2000 grit. I just love the feel of how smooth these are after sanding and buffing.
          tail wags, Peggy

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