Meisha Barbee's pushes forward to a new retro brooch on

California’s Meisha Barbee began this brooch with a slice of stripes in her wonderful colors. I might have stopped there but she wanted to push on.

She was fond of her silicone trivet with a bubble pattern (strange in-process shot) so she made a mold of it and used that mold to create a mokume gane pattern on top of the stripes which looked weird to my eye.

Meisha Barbee's pushes forward to a new retro brooch on

Meisha kept going and added random balls with her Etch ‘n Pearl tools. Better, but I wasn’t loving it.

Stretch, make a border, bake over a lightbulb and wow! A retro pin is born…along with a lesson about following your vision.

So I’m back to daily posting, refreshed and wiser and following my vision thanks to a month of being with friends who know the importance of following theirs.

  • reply Sylvia ,

    So happy you’re back! And refreshed, and reconnected!

    • reply Judy Youssef ,

      • reply Deborah ,

        Glad that you are back and feeling positive. I always enjoy your inspiration.

        • reply Gerri ,

          Welcome back! You were missed! 🙂

          • reply Alison ,

            Oh there you are ! Yes you were missed , glad you’re back and rested x

            • reply Deborah Francis ,

              Glad you are back and leading off with Meisha’s beautiful work. I missed your daily dose of polymer and miss Meisha too.

              • reply Sue Duffy ,

                oooh! It’s my favorite new trivit (aka texture plate) too! I must make a mold of it now too!

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