Gosia Moiko keeps her earrings simple and silkscreened on PolymerClayDaily.com

I’m still stuck on the simple stuff.

Yesterday the theme was circles, today we take in squares from Poland’s Moiko that have been silk screened, cut out, and plopped on top of each other.

Moiko is owned by Malgorzata Wawrzynczak who offers a wide selection of silk screens that have been designed specifically for polymer clay.

She excels at simple geometric combinations that feel fresh and fashionable. Here she is on Instagram.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Cynthia, I am enjoying the “simple stuff.” I especially like the orange and black example where the 2 shapes have been joined in an different manner rather than just on top of each other. Subtle, and interesting. Makes the gears start working. Thanks!

    • reply Shari Skye ,

      Her Name is Malgorzata Wawrzynczak, it on her abouts page.

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