Tory Hughes brooch entitled The Path from Nothing to Something hints at the themes of her works on

In 2018 we said goodbye to Tory Hughes, one of the polymer community’s true pioneers. This piece entitled The Path from Nothing to Something hints at the ethereal, celestial themes that appeared in Tory’s works.

To close out the year, enjoy one more walk through her Santa Fe studio and savor the richness of her work. We will miss her.

  • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

    The passing of Tory broke my heart. I’ve admired her work from the time I first even heard of polymer clay. She was such an incredible artist. I’d like to think she’s “out there” designing and making even more beautiful ethereal art. I know she is so missed by so many.

    • reply Deb Sims ,

      I was just thinking about Tory this morning as I often do. It has been almost a year since she started her new adventure. I miss her more than I can say. From workshops and coaching to mesa climbing and horseback riding and various other hijinx she became a dear heart friend. I’m quite sure that somewhere in the universe she is spreading her light and energy. I feel so blessed to have known her.

      • reply Debbie Jackson ,

        Thanks Cynthia for giving us a peek into her breathtaking studio. It reminds me of her incredible, expansive gift of design and creativity. Her remarkable tribal pieces have have always been and continue to be an inspiration in my works of today. I feel so blessed that she came to teach our local Guild and visited my home, an unforgettable experience. Tory is truly missed.

        • reply haydee hirsch ,

          Tears are in my eyes as I look at this—Tory was one of a kind, I took her classes whenever she was in NYC—-I am twice as sad that she is gone, one because she was such a giving person and second, she passed on my BIRTHDAY–and its soon coming up–thank you soooo much for sharing–haydee

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Sigh. Thanks Cynthia. I bought her books … yet a have great remorse at never meeting her. She will always be missed. This is an amazing piece of artwork.

            • reply Luann Udell ,

              An explorer, a pioneer, a maker, a teacher, an artist who always pushed the limits, and always, always shared what she’d learned. Her faux ivory technique paved the way for me to express my own art, and tell my own story. Thank you, Tory! I can only imagine what innovative work God has passed on to you next.

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