Underground rainbows

Gilly Scott turns a rainbow cane into budding beads on PolymerClayDaily

Australia’s Gilly Scott (clayladydownunder) makes us think spring is possible with this rainbow bud.

The winter wind is still howling but we all trust that there are fantastic forces like these pushing up to the garden surface.

I hunted for precise instructions on this cane and they are easy to find. Getting the colors clean and clear is trickier. Perhaps Gilly will share pictures of her method.

If you need a spring boost, try one of these rainbows to lift your spirits.

  • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

    This is soooo lovely!!

    • reply Gill Scott ,

      Hi there Cynthia, thanks very much for the write up. It was a lovely surprise when my polymer clay friends here in Australia started congratulating me this morning. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of my method. If readers are interested I can send through a photo of my skinner blend. Let me know if anyone is interested or send people to a collegue of mine to http://www.etsy.com/au/listing/686166529/rainbow-blends-advanced-skinner-blends.
      Cheers and thanks every so much Cynthia.

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