Klio Tsaliki ends the holiday with a basket of color on PolymerClayDaily.com

This basket of Easter eggs can’t wait until next year. Let’s keep the holiday going one more day to show off the bright lovelies from Greece’s Klio Tsaliki.

She’s wrapped the egg shapes in strips of clay covered with mosaic-like bits of sunny colors. File this idea away for next year’s decorations.

  • reply Joan ,

    Her lovely eggs may only have to wait a week. If she is Greek Orthodox, as are most Greeks, she will be celebrating Orthodox Easter on April 27th.
    Happy Easter, Klio!

    • reply Klio Tsaliki ,

      Thank you so much Cynthia!!! Thank you Joan!!! Happy holidays to everybody! In Greece we will celebrate Orthodoc Easter on next Sunday, April 28th!!!

      • reply SHIRLEY SCRUGGS ,

        My personal project requires an egg shape sculpt…haven’t been able to keep it firmed up…will you share your secret with me? Can I bake a blown out egg with clay around it? I am a beginner with polymer. Thanks in advance/Shirley

        • reply KLEIO A TSALIKI ,

          These are real blown out eggs, wooden and even spun cotton ones. They all can be baked along with clay. If you need more information contact me via FB.

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