Dayna Corbitt creates a weekly offering of lovingly crafted animals on

Illinois’ Dayna Corbitt (Whimsycalling) raises money for animal rescue with her very popular painted polymer animal sculptures.

Her understanding of animals shines through in her meticulously painted and lovingly crafted pieces.

Dayna stocks her shop with a new batch of items every two weeks. Updates usually sell out in minutes.

Here she asks her Instagram followers which tiger or panther they prefer from this week’s (5/31/19) offerings. No commissions, no special orders. Dayna shows us what happens when you narrow your focus to what makes your heart sing.

  • reply DYAN ,

    I’m an Animal lover , polymer clay designer, seamstress, wood crafter, and a few other things BUT I Have to tell you how KEWELICIOUS THE CATS ARE. lions , Tigers and bears OH MY. LOVE THEM. In some if my paintings I do lions and tigers, you really NAILED IT. Sure wish one was mine. ??

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