Start with a smile

Michelle Sansonetti spontaneously creates Monday's cat on PolymerClayDaily.come

Melbourne’s Michelle Sansonetti (Zedembee) can’t predict what polymer creatures will take shape in her fingers.

Here it’s a bemused cat with a bird on its head.

It made me smile and that’s the main criteria for a Monday post. The cat’s stripes are comfortably rumpled and the expression is satisfyingly silly (Felix and Philomena). It’s a good way to start the week.

Rescue polymer

Dayna Corbitt creates a weekly offering of lovingly crafted animals on

Illinois’ Dayna Corbitt (Whimsycalling) raises money for animal rescue with her very popular painted polymer animal sculptures.

Her understanding of animals shines through in her meticulously painted and lovingly crafted pieces.

Dayna stocks her shop with a new batch of items every two weeks. Updates usually sell out in minutes.

Here she asks her Instagram followers which tiger or panther they prefer from this week’s (5/31/19) offerings. No commissions, no special orders. Dayna shows us what happens when you narrow your focus to what makes your heart sing.

Party animal

Anna Nel's polymer party animal on

Anna Nel’s pooch is ready to party! You can’t mix colors much hotter than his. His eyes look wildly faceted. Are they made from a cane?

Could he be a polymer relative of those wonderful Oaxacan wood carvings from Mexico? He might be scary if he weren’t so obviously ready to bark in the new year.

Enjoy Anna’s knock-out colors on Instagram and Facebook.

One more holiday weekend filled with food and football and then we can get back to business as usual. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get back to work.

Join StudioMojo on Saturday morning for a quieter, calmer, chattier entrance to 2018.

Ink drawings on polymer

Cassidy on PCDaily

One look at Christina Cassidy’s profile photos on Facebook and you’ll understand why she draws horses so beautifully on polymer clay. She’s grown up with animals and is surrounded by them.

Cassidy on PCDaily

Though she no longer has horses, she owned and worked with them for many years and they remain her muse and the subject of most of her polymer art on Etsy.

Her etherial fine-lined ink drawings are modern Lascaux Cave paintings that capture the essence of the animals. “I love drawing small and drawing on polymer clay is wonderful, it’s so forgiving and inspiring,” she says.

This 1 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ Copper Paint Horse Trotting pin has a white polymer base. Chris drew on the baked form with India and copper inks adding light green and blue inks for the background. She seals her works with a protective finish. Here’s where we first discovered her.

Polymer pocket cat

Pajutee on PCDaily

To create this tiny Pocket Cat, Oregon miniature animal artist Kerri Pajutee blends polymer clay and wraps it over an armature of aluminum foil wrapped in masking tape and wire. Using tweezers and glue, she then methodically applies a permanent fiber coat layer by layer.

You can follow her step-by-step on her site where she even offers tutorials for her incredibly detailed work. Kerri limits her production of these 1:12 miniature sculptures to keep her life balanced.

Her Flickr site contains an unbelievable herd of tiny animals. Susan Lomuto featured them yesterday on DailyArtMuse (have you checked out her MAM newsletter) and I couldn’t resist the link.

Flying home

McNall on PCDaily

Page McNall provides a chipper Monday with her folkart bird as I fly home. Her 2″x4″ polymer sculpture is formed over an aluminum foil armature and then inked and painted. She placed the bird on a Stroppel cane-covered base. Page talks about her latest works (check out her designer rat) on Flickr and sells them on Etsy. You can see what’s inside her head on Pinterest.

I’ll be catching up and back to work tomorrow! Thanks for helping me out during my fabulous vacation.

Taller polymer

Kassel on

Illustrator Doreen Kassel’s usually squat, rotund polymer characters (made over glass ornaments) are sprouting skinny necks and spindly legs as she gets ready for for a busy schedule (scroll down her home page to see the dates).

Kassel on PCDaily

These sculpted and painted Blended Beasts will make their class debut next year. Her preparations for teaching have unleashed a flurry of creature (plus totems and shrines) that must have been brewing in her brain.

Flickr’s new big format pictures makes Doreen’s animals brighter and more boldly bizarre. Go have a look on her blog, on Etsy, on Facebook – they’re everywhere! And she’s won another Niche Award this year!

Distilled polymer

Cat of Prague’s Hamlin Designs distills the essence of her subjects into small smooth sculptures. Using only a lump of polymer Cat packs action and personality into simple shapes that convey energy and attitude.

Each piece is around 2″ long and is hand formed, then sanded and buffed. “Often times, when I have a hunk of clay in my hands, I try to hear/feel what it wants to become,” she says.

Janet Hoy sent the link along because she admired the artist’s economy of line. See Cat’s entire menagerie on her Etsy shop.