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Wendy Moore receives a medal from the Queen on

Australia’s Wendy Moore was honored with a Medal of the Order of Australia on the Queen’s birthday yesterday!

Wendy was a moving force behind the 2006 launch of the Samunnat project for abused women in Nepal. She was skeptical about the logistics of the project, but a vendor requested that she teach what she was wearing so she jumped in.

Read the news reports and listen to Wendy explain here. Here’s a .pdf of the brochure that chronicles Samunnat’s growth and achievements.

The saga of Samunnat’s success has come from many sources and they all lead back to Wendy whose involvement has been key. She richly deserves this honor.

  • reply Helen Breil ,

    Congratulations Wendy! What a fantastic and well deserved honour! I’m so excited for you!

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      Wonderful news and very well deserved, Wendy.

      • reply Suzan ,

        Wendy and the women were amongst those who recently took the Matrix Cane masterclass with Dan and Tracy. It was wonderful meeting them all.

        • reply Laura Lang ,

          This is a well deserved honor. Congratulations Wendy! It is amazing to see how the growth and achievements of the Samunnat women.

          • reply Luann Udell ,

            Art should always be a force for good in the world, and Wendy’s work has done that a hundred-fold! (You, too, Cynthia!) I’m delighted Wendy’s project has not only been a light in the darkness, but also that world leaders have recognized and honored her for it. Congratulations, Wendy!!

            • reply Wendy Moore ,

              Darling Cynthia and everyone, thank you for your wishes and kind words. It has been a pretty incredible day. Very humbling. You all know that the greatest heroes are the ladies of Samunnat who show such courage and resilience every day and that I am so so lucky to have met them and be able to share with them. And our connection with this wonderful polymer community keeps us strong and encouraged. My darling Mal who has been with us all every step of the way also deserves this medal. It’s a sharing one!!

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