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There’s a lovely luminosity about these most recent hearts from Kentucky’s Ron Lehocky. The gold dots popping through watery colored layers lead us to summer’s end.

Because Ron builds his hearts from lots of others’ scraps, it’s hard to know the provenance of the bits and pieces he uses. His heart brooches are lovely collaborations between other’s scraps and Ron’s magic.

He’s close to making 50,000 of these for his Kids Project that receives all the proceeds from sales.

Did I mention that Ron’s on Instagram now? Be sure to follow him.  He’s also teaching at ClayOutWest in late September.

  • reply Ron Lehovky ,

    Thanks for highlighting my hearts. I used shards of surface treated sheets from Christi Uliczny also know on Instagram as cabinfeverclay. She has been very generous collaborator.
    The gold elements are heat sensitive foils that the printers discard. Karen Woods brought these foils to my attention 2 years ago.

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