Whirlwind post. Sarah Wilbanks earrings make for wild style on PolymerClayDaily.com

After a whirlwind weekend class with Bonnie Bishoff, we’re off to an early morning class at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

To keep you amused until we can catch up properly, enjoy this lively story from Seattle’s Sarah Wilbanks whose lovely earrings are here on Debra Rapoport.

I haven’t had time to explore her story but you can tell it’s a good one.

  • reply Barb ,

    I say, U GO GIRL. If I was part of her crowd it would all be giggles and laughter at our ability to IMPRESS. I love it that she’s got her polymer workin… Thanks for sharing these integrated works of art. Makes me remember/and miss Elise Winters break thru work of ruffles.

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