After years of white, Angela Schwer adds color to her wall sculptures on

Oregon’s Angela Schwer swerved off her usual path and ventured into color for this loopy wall sculpture.

Don’t you wonder why after years of making wall art in white only, she was compelled to add pale pinks and yellows with a splash of black?

And she usually sticks to very natural and organic shapes, not mod loops. She says she doesn’t know what came over her.

We’ll have to follow along.

  • reply Barbara ,

    I have never seen polymer clay presented like this! I would love to see the technique behind this,it’s angelic and striking!

    • reply Velina ,

      What is the size of the sculpture?

      • reply Bobb Aronson ,

        Your Feeling Loopy piece is striking! I would like to know how you made the loops? Is there a tutorial?
        Thank you,

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