You gotta have heart

Learning how Ron Lehocky and others say "YES" to whatever comes their way on

…miles and miles and miles of heart…as the song goes. Ron Lehocky had a table full of his hearts at Clay Out West. Even as Ron struggles through his own bumps in the road he plods on to reach his goal of 50,000 hearts to support The Kids Project.

StudioMojo will focus on all the people I encountered this week who specialize in saying “YES”. With only a split-second hesitation, they grab at what comes their way and say an emphatic yes. How do they do that?

They follow their gut, their instinct, their heart. I’m fascinated with how diving headlong into whatever comes your way can turn out.

I’m on hiatus from daily posts and having a marvelous time learning how to say yes. Join me over at StudioMojo. 

  • reply Sally ,

    Yes! Have fun!

    • reply Barbara McGuire ,

      If you ever need encouragement Cynthia, I can help. Just be sure it’s your ‘yes’ – not someone else’s. From everything I have experienced, your ‘yes’ is a light for me and many, many others. Thank you for all the times you have said yes-and no.

      • reply Tracey ,

        I had the pleasure of meeting and dining w Ron,it was an honor,he is a so kind and sharing, and edgy. My friend Patty was lucky enough to attend his class,we were both taken with him,thanx Ron, Tracey.

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