Late-onset creativity

Cynthia Tinapple has developed a curious case of late-onset creativity. PCD will be published sporadically during October.

I’ve suffered a curious case of late-onset creativity so you’ll hear from me only intermittently during October. Sometimes my fingers itch to do what I spend so much time talking about.

This 14-year online safari has taken me to all kinds of unlikely destinations and for the next month, I’ll be out West playing with friends and meeting new people.

The car is packed, we’ll get up early and head out on the open road feeling giddy.

No thank you, Monday morning. Nothing, including daily delivery, is assured. I am very grateful for your support of PCD and hope that you’ll check in here and on my Instagram from time to time.

  • reply Katrina Sarlin ,

    Enjoy the break, you so deserve it!!

    • reply Chris Baird ,

      Creativity is never late! It’s always right on time. Now, delve!

      • reply Suzanne ,

        Enjoy the journey dance sing and drink most of all SMILE !

        • reply Judy Knox ,

          Whoopeee! Have a grand time.

          • reply Diane Honegger ,

            Have an enjoyable vacation. When you return, can you please help me with accessing “Videos”. I’m a new subscriber and entered what I thought to be my password, as requested, but it failed. Looking forward to your help when you return.

            • reply Iso Marks ,

              Good for you! You deserve a break. Thanks for all you do.

              • reply Denise shea ,

                Enjoy your time

                • reply Wendy Moore ,

                  Thrilled for you Cynthia. Have a ball. Enjoy. Play. Mwah.

                  • reply Jen ,

                    Enjoy your break!

                    • reply Angel Jayne ,

                      Looking forward to seeing you after your break!!!! Hope you are having a blast.

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