Connecting the dots

Dani Rapinett combines lines and dots for an adventure on

Australia’s Dani Rapinett offers this Floating Dots class in her Whimsical Bead store.

Ok, so there’s not much chance that most of us will make it to class but that doesn’t keep us from admiring the happy multicolor mix and wondering how she made it.

Was Dani thinking of the maps on her car’s dashboard when she created these? They make us think we’re going on an adventure!

If you’re looking for polymer adventures, join us over at StudioMojo on Saturday morning. We cover what’s happening in polymer art and connect the dots. 

  • reply Leanne Fergeus ,

    Hi Cynthia, thank you for featuring my work and workshop which will be held at Dani’s Studio, The whimsical Bead. It was lovely to see the positive comments on the Facebook post.
    Regards, Leanne

    • reply Marijke ,

      Wonderful to see Leanne mentioned, go girl

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