Polymer patchwork creatures

Lisa Gauthier makes a warm and comfy elephant ornament on PolymerClayDaily.com

Connecticut’s Lisa Gauthier will hang this patchwork elephant on the tree in a competition that will benefit the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven.

I’m guessing that the patches are veneers made from scrap canes which Lisa makes look real and comfy.

The SCPCG has pulled out all the stops for this competition and we’ve featured several entries. Their Creatures Great and Small are winners in our book. Congrats to the guild for their outstanding efforts.

Join us over at StudioMojo this Saturday and be inspired by the latest shows and competitions. It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays!

  • reply Lisa Gauthier ,

    Thanks for the share. I loved this years theme for our donated tree, this is a veneer but sliced from a large cane that took me years from idea to completion- us artists are crazy people! I wanted a cane that looked like crewel in lots of colors. No scrap, I blended all the colors and put the sections of each color together into a cane that is still about 3”x3” on the face. The whole elephant is mostly one slice with repeats around the edges. Thank goodness for my Simmons Slicer to get thin, large slices.

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