The year in polymer quick tutes

Lynn Yuhr flies through a bunch of uses of liquid polymer on

For the last few days of the year, PCD will feature some favorite interviews and tutorials from 2019 editions of StudioMojo, the weekly insiders wrap up.

When I spot an interesting work in progress I often ask, “What are you doing?” If the artist agrees, I take out my phone and lean over for a short and sweet look as in this demo from Florida’s Lynn Yuhr.

Lynn sparks all kinds of ideas for using liquid clay in this 2019 quickie.

  • reply kristie Foss ,

    Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing these outstanding tips, tricks, and tutorials! They’re great!

    • reply Ramona Kay Chan ,

      What a wonderful idea….had not worked much with the liquid clay but this is inspiring…..thanks for sharing!

      • reply Susan Lightcap ,

        very cool!

        • reply Aims ,

          I’m definitely bookmarking this. The tricks and ideas are a wonderful kickstart for 2020!

          • reply Laura Souder ,

            Thanks for introducing us to this new form of polymer clay. It was news to me that Sculpey now offers a nice variety of colors in liquid polymer. It opens the door for new looks and techniques.

            • reply naomi ,

              Love your work. Would like to be in on your list.

              • reply Deborah E Goodrow ,

                This is so intriguing! Thank you for sharing.

                • reply Deborah Francis ,

                  Thank you Cynthia. Have some two year old liquid polymer and will finally try some of the techniques. Big thank you for keeping me in touch with the polymer community with your posts. Much appreciated. Happy New Year!

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