Silent night

Enjoy the calmer view of Silent Night from Sonya Girodon on

France’s Sonya Girodon calls her spare, minimalist, mixed-media brooch Silent Night.

It’s made of wood, paper, polymer, acrylic paint and stainless steel. Sonya is addressing issues with its waterproof qualities and new brooch mechanisms.

As the season ratchets up to a frenzy, it’s a relief to consider Sonya’s calmer view.

Festive bohemian wraps

Christine Picaut wraps wrists with intensely colored focals and spacers on

France’s Christine Pecaut (chifonie) stacks a collection of intense red focal pieces and companion beads onto spirals of tube-covered memory wire for a festive bohemian look.

Here’s a closer view of how her bracelets wrap arms with color and patterns. What a great way to use a favorite focal and surround it with pops of colors.

This Saturday’s StudioMojo newsletter will ease us into the holiday week with a celebration of what we’ve done this year. Pats on the back all around and a look at where polymer will take us in 2020. Come join us.

Twisted ribbons of polymer

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit interlocks twisted ribbons of clay on

Virginia’s Wiwat Kamolpornwijit gives us some new twisted garlands for the holidays.

He was an environmental researcher in his former career. Repeating shapes with interlocking connections still dominate Wiwat’s work.

These new links are based on two-sided flat ribbons of polymer that twist themselves in opposite directions. His interconnected and wired designs are pleasant puzzles for the viewer’s eye.

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit interlocks twisted ribbons of clay on

Home for the holidays

Lindsay Black builds polymer homes and memories on

“Home is the memories we make on the inside. The outside is a symbol of those memories,” explains Nashville’s Lindsay Black (oddlyand company).

She specializes in polymer home portraits and she’ll even put up your decorations as she did here.

You can imagine why Lindsay limits her custom homes with their precise details to just a few. She’ll re-open her shop on Etsy in February for next year’s orders.