Semi-precious polymer

Pennsylvania’s Genevieve Williamson considers polymer a semi-precious material in her Redeemed show of all-recycled jewelry in Ohio. “Plastic has been vilified,” she says. “It’s not the material that’s the problem, it’s our one-use, throwaway attitude toward plastic that has caused the problem.”

Genevieve makes a case that could change your whole approach. She gives us new talking points that elevate our art in this conversation recorded for last week’s StudioMojo.

  • reply Suzanne ,

    Thank you for broad-casting this subject from a well spoken couple. A lot to reflect on .

    • reply Lynn ,

      Genevieve has always brought such thoughtfulness and mindfulness to her work – whether in the overall design, the fine details, the color palette, or even the scale. Such a wonderful interview to show how she extends those values beyond concept and creation and into the full circle/cycle of her work and materials.

      • reply Eli ,

        Yes, yes, yes! Such a needed and timely discussion because this has been bothering me so much lately because I am an avid recycler. Thank you!

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