There’s a fly in my clay

Edith Fischer Katz captures a fly on

Forgive the pun. It was just too easy to smile and wince and admire this ambitious and detailed cane from Israel’s Edith Fischer Katz.

On her Instagram, she has compiled several in-process shots that document how she built the components for this large complex cane.

Edith uses these components in sculptures that are often edgy and alarming. See how she used an earlier crow cane here. Who knows what plans she’s hatching for the fly?

  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

    Her work is AmAzInG. I reposted the image of her Raven cane. I obsess about ravens, crows and blackbirds. Whenever I see one I know it will be a Good Day. From a Native American saying. Sigh. I want that cane. The fly is amazing too. Thanks for the post.

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