Gail Garbe takes dotted tube steps forward on

I flinched when this necklace from Ontario’s Gail Garbe popped up on my screen. “That looks remarkably familiar,” I thought.

Then I had to laugh at myself when I realized that Gail took my Saturday Craftcast class and stayed up late coming up with her own twist on the concept. I must have done something right! Gail extruded the tubes and added the dots perfectly.

Then she added her own off-kilter gaily colored spacer beads. It all works!

This is what teachers hope to see – students who take their concepts to the next level. Gail has taught me a thing or two!

  • reply Mags Bonham ,

    I got off of the class and dug right in as well. I used shapes and veneers that go with a collection of earrings I am preparing for one of my galleries. I will post pics on the site for all to see. It was really fun. Not quite as easy to slice up those tubes as Cynthia made it seem.

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