Origami brain teaser

Carole Monahan's origami meets mokume gane on Polymer Clay Daily.com

Connecticut’s Carol Monahan (CuriousClayCreations) made Japanese-inspired orbs for a guild project. The shape is based on origami, the surface is Mokume Gane.

Tell me it’s not just me….this construction is hard to understand, right? I want to hold it in my hand. We’ll need more input from Carole.

It’s Monday. Too early in the week for this?

  • reply Carole ,

    Thank you so much for sharing this piece! I started making these orbs in 2014 with a faux patina metal finish. I got distracted by other fun methods and wandered away from them. I think since I’m longing for the old pre quarantine days I felt the desire to RE visit this design again. Plus this Esher like interwoven style reminds me our our connections to everyone!

    • reply Deborah E Goodrow ,

      This blows me away. I can’t wrap my head around how it was constructed (even though I’ve seen the pattern!), how the patterened clay was edged into weird corners with no distortion. So cool.

      • reply Debbie Jett ,

        Carole blow’s me away with this – the movement is incredible, and it was brilliant to show it off with the moving base.

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