Temporary separation

I’m off for September. Not to worry. I’m doubling down on the book writing that got sidelined last year when my husband was ill and life started snowballing for everyone.

Books are hard to assemble and I don’t want to give up on this one. It’s too near to my heart and too close to the finish line to give up now.

In the meanwhile, I’m assembling a group of artists to pinch-hit for PCD. Don’t be surprised if we drop the ball from time to time.

This is a temporary separation that I’m hoping our relationship can withstand. We’ll appreciate each other a whole lot more in October. Stay well. CT

  • reply Tracey Lowe ,

    Thank you for thinking of us. I’m sure we will all be here when you come back. I know I will be! I love your blogs!
    Best wishes for your book.

    • reply Sharene SUE Screws ,

      Best wishes on your progress, Cynthia! I will patiently await the return of PCD AND the arrival of your new book. Can’t wait to see who you have lined up for us in the meantime.

      • reply Gael Keyes ,

        September is a perfect month for digging in, but I bet all educators think that since they live by the school calendar. There is change in the air, color in the trees, and busy woodland creatures storing up their caches. Let your inspiration gently nudge your direction and commitment each day and deadlines will peel away with the leaves.Take care; have fun!

        • reply Phil Porter ,

          I hope your time focusing on your book will be fruitful! We appreciate your daily attention to this blog and honor your decision to take some time away. Wishing good health for your whole family.

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Darling Cynthia I hope it is a fabulously productive month and look forward to your collaborators sharing with us. Of course we will wait!!

            • reply Beth Schwartz ,

              I hope that this time off is productive and peaceful. Looking forward to your return. Beth

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