Write it down

Marcia Palmer brings style to the office on PolymerClayDaily.com

Atlanta’s Marcia Palmer makes pen sets that fly out of her Etsy shop. Having a matching base for each pen means that they stand a better chance of staying put on the desk.

Marcia textures and carves the imitative bone polymer and highlights it with paint.

Marcia Palmer brings style to the office on PolymerClayDaily.com

Be aware that not all pen bodies covered with polymer can withstand the heat of the oven. Some melt into puddles of plastic (first-hand experience). Best to test an uncovered one first. Oh, and don’t put the ink cartridge in the oven. Big mess.

Marcia’s got a knack for bringing big style to the office.


Santa Gonk Gnomes

Dani Kirova wears a Santa gnome on her ears on PolymerClayDaily.com

Let’s kick off the holidays with these cheeky earrings from UK’s Dani Kirova (temptedbyartjewelry).

We’ve been awfully restrained up to now and Dani’s Santa Gonk Gnome helps us begin to put all the 2020 nonsense in the rearview mirror.

At StudioMojo we’ll be looking at how the holidays will play out with virtual festivals and online sales. Handmade gifts, personalized presents are will be particularly important this year as our priorities shift and we chill in place for the holidays. 

We’ll look at what polymer elves are making for Santa season. Need a little shove to shift your attitude? Join us. 

Warped and wrinkled polymer

BobbiMadeThis earrings are wrinkled and warped on PolymerClayDaily

Extruded, wrinkled, quirky, post earrings!  What’s not to love about these warped and wrinkled links from North Carolina’s BobbiMadeThis?

BobbiMadeThis earrings are wrinkled and warped on PolymerClayDaily

Several sympatico polymer artists have teamed up for a giveaway and other clever marketing ploys.

Simple, proud, in-your-face is their theme. Can you get with that? Follow their links down a very hip rabbit hole.

Suspended polymer

Georgia’s Debra Ryan (orphancakesie) exhibits a brooch suspended in a circle on the dresser. The dual-purpose use makes the piece doubly interesting. I’m guessing magnets are involved.

Debra takes an imaginative mixed media approach to her pieces. She’s a free-range polymer artist. Study her Instagram to get a glimpse of where polymer is headed.

Textile tones in polymer

Liz Stefano blends hieroglyphs with crackle on PolymerClayDaily.com

Massachusetts’ Liz Stephano (Lizardlooks) layers Egyptian imagery and crackled surfaces on these contemporary shapes.

My head started rummaging through my closet, picturing them with winter jackets.

You probably want to know how she made them but I have no idea. Silkscreen? Transfer? Enjoy the mystery and the rich ancient imagery in fabric-like tones.

Liz moved from the west coast to Cape Cod to get back in touch with color.

Off-kilter polymer

Katie Oskins' off-kilter face vase on PolymerClayDaily.com

Ohio’s Katie Oskins (Katersacres) asks if anyone’s been feeling off-kilter. Who hasn’t?

You may identify with the haggle-toothed, bug-eyed face vase Katie made to illustrate her point on Instagram.

Katie has characters like these dancing in her head and flying off her fingers. If you (like me) don’t have a brain inhabited by such creatures, you can still follow along on her tutorials and join her club of sculptors.

This guy would look good with tools and pencils sticking out, creating frazzled hair.

Centering with Peace Pebbles

Lizzi Bizzi centers with Peace Pebble bicone beads on PolymerClayDaily
Lizzi Bizzi centers with Peace Pebble bicone beads on PolymerClayDaily

You thought I’d be all about VOTE today, right? But we’re fried and frazzled and these Peace Pebbles from UK’s Lizzi Holt (Bizzi Zizzi would feel like silky smooth soothing charms in my pocket.

There’s something magical about being able to control the swirl of bicone beads and Lizzi has mastered it.

“Take a moment to be present and become aware of your surroundings, thoughts, and your breathing. Use a Peace Pebble™ to center yourself and anchor positive memories whenever you feel anxious or stressed, when meditating or in prayer,” Lizzi advises.

So chill right after you vote. And if you want to make a bicone swirl, take a look at this little video of mine where Carissa Nichols teaches you the basics.