Retired RN Lea Gordiner focuses on mixed media creatures on

Oregon’s Lea Gordiner says, “My recent fantasy is a combination of birds and animals with human features. They are meant to be silly, fun, playful, nonsensical…really. Seen any birds lately with nostrils and lips let alone shoes?”

If the holiday hoopla has you in a dither, you’ll be set straight by a wander through Lea’s website and her Instagram. She has shifted to finely finished polymer boxes as well.

Lea’s Portland guild mate Laurel Swetnam turned her in. We thought it only right that Lea has a PCD post among her presents this year. Thanks for making us smile.

  • reply Linda L. ,

    How talented you are, Lea! Not only are these caricatures novel, interesting, creative and identifiable but their personality is enormous. Just LOVE your work! You’re amazing!

    • reply gael keyes ,

      I absolutely adore all her work!!!!!!!! Nice to see some mixed media. Polymer clay just brings so much expression to other materials.

      • reply Pam Edwards ,

        This piece of the woman kissing her dog goodbye is fabulous. You capture the gestures and body so beautifully.

        • reply Pam Edwards ,

          What a brilliant piece. I just love your gestures and playful distortions of your subjects. Keep them coming, please!

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