Dove of peace signals big things

Lady Gaga signals the end of small brooches on PolymerClayDaily

My son tells me that America needs a nap. Scared, excited, relieved by Inauguration Day? Now it’s time for a nap.

But before you toddle off, let’s just take a look at Lady Gaga’s Dove of Peace brooch and agree that her fab outfit spells the end of small brooches. I’m pretty sure it’s fabric and integral to the dress. Dig deeper and see the up-close pix on Daniel Roseberry’s IG. He’s the design director for Schiaparelli,

Yes, we’re moving bigger. Today I was struck by the larger earrings at Australia’s Studio 1405. Do you need to enlarge your vision? Time to go big in 2021.

Now have a good nap.

  • reply Joan Clipp ,

    I thought it looked like fabric also, but anything that gets people wearing brooches more is a positive!

    • reply RANDEE M KETZEL ,

      Cue the liquid clay! Cue the Ultralight! go big, or, you know…

      • reply Aims ,

        I loved Lady Gaga’s brooch! Not only did it signal peace – but it showed everyone that brooch’s can be a fashion statement all on their own. I don’t care what it was made out of as long as it gets people wearing them again.

        Our family had a coat store for almost 50 years. We sold a massive amount of pins – most of them large and sparkly. They made the average coat a statement piece. It was one of my favourite parts of making a sale – putting that brooch on the coat and watching the customer’s face light up. They knew they looked good.
        I have a number of large brooches that I always wear and always get comments on. They should always be in fashion!

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Great post. I have never made really small jewelry,
          Hip hip hooray!!!!!

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