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Ginnie Randolph Parrish turns a homely shell into a lasting memory on

A shell from North Carolina’s Ginnie Randolph Parrish (BlueFrogClay) looks graceful and smooth – like it could have been sanded by waves and washed up onto the beach.

Ginnie’s a caner and makes the ugliest whelk on the beach into something spectacular by dressing it up with cane slices.

What a perfect bit of the beach to take home from a hot July weekend.

  • reply Linda ,

    Utterly BEAUTIFUL!

    • reply Judith Moore ,

      Breathtakingly fabulous! A sight to behold! Took my breath away!

      • reply Laurie Mika ,

        This is fabulous, so many possibilities for creating beautiful organic shapes with polymer. Love it!

        • reply Christina Whipple ,

          Ginnie, thanks so much for the brief video. I immediately thought of making just half the ugliest whelk on the beach into art and leaving the other half as is. What a beautiful dichotomy!

          • reply Michelle ,

            Ginnie’s work is outstanding, and her booth at the shows she does is a wonderland of polymer gorgeousness!

            • reply Jan G ,

              You always do such impeccable work. Nice to see you’re still busy.
              Do you use glue under?

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