Copying with a happy ending from Lindly Haunani and Samunnat on PolymerClayDaily

Stories about copying often get ugly and contentious but not this one. This copying/sharing story is about generosity and hope.

Years ago Lindly Haunani gave the women of Samunnat Nepal permission to produce a few of her necklaces. Enough to purchase a storage cabinet that they needed.

Lindly’s petal designs contain echoes of her Hawaiian heritage. The bright flowers also resonated with Nepali culture.

The women so loved making the lei from Lindly and Maggie’s Color Inspiration book that it became a staple of their collection with Lindly’s blessing.

Lindly’s leis became Samunnat’s malas (modeled here by Sanjana) and the women’s project continues to flourish,

Wendy Moore’s post explains the story on their new website. Sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win one of the women’s latest necklaces.

Copying with a happy ending from Lindly Haunani and Samunnat on PolymerClayDaily

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  • reply Judith Moore ,

    I purchased this book when it was first published and it continues to have a prominent place in my Polymer Clay library. I thank both Lindly and Maggie.

    • reply Aims ,

      A wonderful feel-good story in these trying times!

      I too own this book and love it!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        Thanks so much for sharing this story dear Cynthia. Both you and Lindly have been such “super didis” to the women of Samunnat. Times have been really tough for them, like everyone, and all the messages people have sent to us in response to this story have buoyed us all. We are all in this together. Much love to the community!

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