Polymer pointillism

Leah Radlett's bubbles create an arresting gaze on PolymerClayDaily.com

This framed 4″ polymer tile from Australia’s Leah Radlett (leaha_radlett) is entitled A Mother’s Prayer. The shades of gray and intense gaze feel solemn and serious.

Leah admits she’s been troubled about mothers and their children in these tough times.  Leah rolls balls of color by hand. She calls them her bubble paintings. She recently added a number of new scenes and animals in this style to her Etsy site.

It’s hard to look away from this polymer.

  • reply RANDEE M KETZEL ,

    I have really been drawn to this style lately–from Syndee Holt’s excellent etch n pearl pieces to works like these–simple. beautiful, compelling. Very zen.

    • reply Joan Clipp ,

      I like this style so much better than the smoothed out ones! Thanks again Cynthia.

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