Bowling over yourself

LA’s Nomi Isak (nomiisak) combines inclusions and translucent, layers and colors, rough edges and cutouts into a delightful bowl. Rather than carefully exploring each ingredient on its own, she gives them a whirl all at once and it works.

Nomi gets out of her own way. Sounds easy but for some of us, it isn’t.

This week’s StudioMojo is about that same concept. Now more than ever we shuffle fires, storms, wars, worries, and to-do lists into the background. How do you shove all that aside to play? Join us as we find a way.

  • reply Wendy Moore ,

    I love following Nomi’s creative adventures! Thank you for sharing them Cynthia. And for EVERYTHING you share!!

    • reply Nomi Isak ,

      So sweet. Thanks, Wendy!

    • reply Nomi Isak ,

      Thank you so much for the mention, Cynthia. Super appreciative!

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