Stuck on cheeriness

It’s the dots and the unbridled cheeriness of these vases from Michigan’s Holly and Jake Klaus (Sun_sprinkles) that got me going.

It’s also because I also finally found an adhesive that will secure polymer like this in place. I know this because I tried to remove a polymer piece I accidentally glued a tile and could not, no way, no how.

I don’t recommend products on PCD so I’ll direct you over to StudioMojo for that info. Drop me an email if you’d like a free sneak peek.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Hi! I’d love a free “sneak peek” regarding this fantastic glue! Thanks!

    • reply Fran Faust ,

      I have had issues finding the best glue to use with my polymer clay projects and would love a sneak peek! Fran

      • reply Mary Ann Mulligan ,

        Would love a sneak peek.

        • reply Aims ,

          Hi! I’d love a free ‘sneak peak’ as well! You’ve got me extremely curious as to what kind of glue you used!



          • reply Jean Gogolin ,

            I’d like to know about this glue too!

            • reply Martha Calderwood ,

              Add me to the list, please.

              • reply Marian ,

                I’d like to know the brand too. Thanks.

                • reply Deb Moss ,

                  I’d love to know what glue you found.

                  • reply sue murphy ,

                    Please advise me the name of the glue you found worked, would be much appreciated

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