Polymer FrootLoops

Liat Weiss serves up a spoonful of earrings for breakfast on PolymerClayDaily.com

Is this a crazy world or what?

You won’t have any trouble convincing Toronto’s Liat Weiss (Dewdrop.Inc) of that notion.

“Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to make froot loops out of clay as part of my living.” she marvels to her followers

Liat makes very realistic breakfast cereal earrings out of polymer and you can watch her here.

Stuck on cheeriness

It’s the dots and the unbridled cheeriness of these vases from Michigan’s Holly and Jake Klaus (Sun_sprinkles) that got me going.

It’s also because I also finally found an adhesive that will secure polymer like this in place. I know this because I tried to remove a polymer piece I accidentally glued a tile and could not, no way, no how.

I don’t recommend products on PCD so I’ll direct you over to StudioMojo for that info. Drop me an email if you’d like a free sneak peek.

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Sally Kirk makes an insanely complex quilt on PolymerClayDaily.com

You probably wouldn’t have thought that Texas’ Sally Kirk (Blossomandclay) would build her intricate quilt this way. My head goes right to extrusion but no, I was wrong.

Sally is considering cutting this slab up into a collection that lots of people can share. Kind of a reverse quilting bee.

The quilt took 30 hours to assemble and she’ll be cutting it up for sale in October.

Sally calls it her Insanity quilt.

Jump on over to StudioMojo.org for a weekend dose of creativity. We’ll shop the big shows, introduce ourselves to the new sellers and take a look at their wares…all from the comfort of home. 


Picking up where I left off

Cynthia Tinapple dusts off old bowls and adds new on PolymerClayDaily
Cynthia Tinapple dusts off old bowls and adds new on PolymerClayDaily

This Mendocino bowl brings back memories. I made it while on vacation with friends in California some years back.

I loved that walnut bowl and its polymer inlaid pattern. The photo is being used to promote an upcoming exhibit of works by seven black and seven white artists.

I decided to revive these lively stripes on a new bowl. Finally, I’m tackling the stack of polymer-ready bowls turned by my husband. The bowls languished in my studio while life got strange and creativity waned.

I’m excited (and nervous). Can I do it again? Come back next week to see. Can you tell that I’m forcing myself to finish this project?

Hold me to it.

Color study earrings

Mary Anne Loveless opens her show with a color study on PolymerClayDaily.com

This tray of earrings from Utah’s Mary Anne Loveless keeps the colors under control in a most appealing way. The graduated backgrounds are tied together into neat dangles held together visually by contrasting stripes.

Is it the vertical blends that make these feel so right? The blends run in opposite directions on the left and right dangles. There’s a color lesson here.

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Krymsyn (indigo.sands) reveals the glow of her imitative amber on PolymerClayDaily.com

North Carolina’s Krymsyn (Indigo.Sands) uses the hashtag “claytocope” because she picked up polymer to help her through the pandemic.

It’s worked! She has more followers than I thought possible and her business is thriving.

Yes, she’s trendy and savvy but better than that, she’s curious and has an itch for imitative techniques like her latest faux amber. Here her hoop’s rich color is revealed by her phone flashlight. Worth following along, right?

Keep the garden going

Kathy Koontz keeps her garden going with scraps on PolymerClayDaily.com

A discarded 11″ x 27″ cabinet door leaning against the garage wall called to Kathy Koontz (Flowertownoriginals). The door begged for a second chance and Kathy was in a mood to grant it.

She painted the door and scooped up all the scrappy polymer bits lying around.

Stems and leaves grew first. Then the scraps organized themselves into jolly layered blooms.

The playful process made Kathy remember how much fun wall art can be.

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I could certainly learn a thing or two from Texas Meghan Allen, the marketing maven at ShopClayandBloom.

You’ll recognize the shapes and cutters and appreciate her productivity.

It’s her colors that hit the sweet spot and draw you in. These dusky pinks and tans are spot on. She’s busy and savvy with scads of followers.

Check out her Bloom Boxes that contain a selection of accessories that reflect the season.

Whether you’re building a business or breaking into the gallery scene or contentedly puttering, StudioMojo shows you all the ways polymer is making a difference.

Ghost cactus

Chelsea (Altarware) couldn't get this cactus out of her head on PolymerClayDaily.com

California’s Chelsea (Altarware) says, “You are a living altar. Adorn accordingly.” I can go with that tagline.

This ghost cactus (glow-in-the-dark, I assume) was an idea stuck in her head and now it’s stuck in mine…and yours.