Anita Benhan interprets Alberta Einstein in clay on

Was Ohio’s Anita Behnen thinking of me when she designed her new line of mixed-media sculptures? White hair, dots?

Turns out she calls her new imp Alberta Einstein and the story is that learning new math has turned her hair white. (Anita’s creatures all have stories.) It’s not about me at all.

PCD shows you the latest…you won’t find this on Anita’s FB because I’m at my first in-person event since, well you know when. I forgot how energizing and exciting and exhausting these events are. That hasn’t changed.

And hats off to the new people who jumped into this group (organized by Ron Lehocky and his group). It’s brave to jump into a group of buddies who have known each other for years. Hats off to Carla Bull, Priscilla Andrews, Paula Kennedy, and Lynn Abernathy who took the first-time plunge into the Kentucky event. Being creative takes courage, jump into a group in your area.

StudioMojo will be chock full of pictures of cool, crazy, new polymer ideas from Texas to Nebraska from brave artists who ventured vaccinated into the heart of Kentucky to get their groove back. Sign up now to get tomorrow’s edition.

  • reply Anita Behnen ,

    Thank you, Cynthia for the spotlight. It was great seeeing and being among clayples again. So much talent, generousity, and and out pour of friendship given at this retreat!!! Reconnected with old and made new friends. Alberta also made friends there. Thank you again!!!

    • reply Kiederle Richard ,

      Hello from Germany. I would need a cute Alberta Einstein as present for my beloved wife Nicola, who had done reallly outstand for our kids and me. Can I buy one somewhere? Thanks a lot Richard

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