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Ponsawan’s polymer mosaic

Another blast of polymer clay color and energy from Ponsawan Silapiruti (Silastones) finishes this otherwise white week. You must click on the image to get the full effect of this 6″x12″ wall piece made from cane slices. Ponsawan explains that this technique is “…perfect for me who get bored easily and hate repetition, and can’t […] Read more

Ponsawan Sila returns to clay

I’m sure you’re as happy as I am to hear that Ponsawan Sila will be back working in polymer clay and being a stay-at-home mom. Her daughter was seriously injured five months ago and will be coming home soon. Theirs is a story of survival and triumph and nobody says it better than Ponsawan herself. […] Read more

Wrinkled polymer

On Facebook, Ponsawan Sila shares her texture trick for these playful beads. She wraps the base beads in crepe paper and gives the paper a twist to create the illusion of wrinkled fabric. Then she applies the circles of color.  Whenever I’m exasperated with the rush of silly stuff online, I think of people like […] Read more

Jar art for your desk

Lisa Renner’s 10″ tall Jar Head makes a handy desk item that comes with its own feathered pen. Lisa sculpted this whimsical face over a glass jar and added details with inks and paints. The feather-topped pen becomes a stunning hairstyle and it’s not likely someone would abscond with that. The container could be used to hold paintbrushes or other […] Read more

Inspired wire and polymer

Indiana’s Ponsawan Sila is a whiz with wire. Moved by Sonya Girodon’s recent polymer bowls, Ponsawan wanted to try her own version. “I always get inspired by Sonya’s works and the way she pushes us to think, dig deep into our souls and elevate our creativity to the next level,” says Ponsawan. Ponsawan passes on the inspiration with these […] Read more

Computed polymer

Ponsawan Sila’s many experiments spilled out of her boxes and bags at the Indiana French Lick Atelier. She’s still in process with these pieces which rely on scavenged computer parts for creating mokume gane over Skinner blends. The finishes are layered and lustrous. On the black and white version she sews through the holes to add a dash of […] Read more

Carved hearts

This won’t be an all-hearts week but how could we pass up these carved white Ultra Light pendants from Indiana’s Ponsawan Sila? She has nicked horizontally across the surfaces by hand for an almost basket weave appearance. Ponsawan may not be finished but the long narrow hearts seem pure and remarkable just as they are. You’ll have to visit her […] Read more

Winding homeward

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit admits that coming up with his new designs has been fun and finishing them, assembling them is not his favorite part of the process. While he has folded and sculpted polymer in his art, this ribbon-like necklace and another spiraled link necklace point to a departure and new experiments. Wiwat won top honors […] Read more

Wireworked polymer

Ponsawan Silaparuti knows how to turn storm clouds into lovely jewels. Wire forms have captured her attention and she’s discovered some tricks to sketching outlines by bending and twisting lightweight wire and then giving the image dimension by filling in with polymer. The polymer is often carved, faceted and further embellished. She’ll be teaching this […] Read more

Polymer finishing touches

Ponsawan Sila and Lee Ann Armstrong collaborated to make these bold amoeba-like earrings. Ponsawan gave the drops their blingy pop by using Speedball Caligraphy Ink. She outlined the cane designs and spattered the background with blasts of bright gold. The Facebook crowd erupted in a flurry of comments and questions and Ponsawan shared what she’d […] Read more