Inspired wire and polymer

Sila on PCDaily

Indiana’s Ponsawan Sila is a whiz with wire. Moved by Sonya Girodon’s recent polymer bowls, Ponsawan wanted to try her own version.

“I always get inspired by Sonya’s works and the way she pushes us to think, dig deep into our souls and elevate our creativity to the next level,” says Ponsawan.

Ponsawan passes on the inspiration with these wire-edged fall flowers formed into a bowl that is both delicate and strong.

  • reply Girodon Sonya ,

    Ponsawan’s original bowl clearly show that new and authentic ways are still possible with polymer clay. Bravo, Pons! Proud of you!!

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Love love love this one–Ponsawan at her best: Perfect color, perfect form.

      • reply Delphine ,

        This is indeed beautiful ! Empty space playing with colors. Inspiring.

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