Ponsawan’s polymer mosaic

Another blast of polymer clay color and energy from Ponsawan Silapiruti (Silastones) finishes this otherwise white week. You must click on the image to get the full effect of this 6″x12″ wall piece made from cane slices.

Ponsawan explains that this technique is “…perfect for me who get bored easily and hate repetition, and can’t sit still very long.” Her Flicker site shows that even while she looks after her daughter she continues to produce work that reflects her heritage and her indomitable spirit.

For earlier posts featuring Ponsawan’s work, click here, here, and here. Have a colorful weekend.

  • reply Judy ,

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      I’m in love with this. The play of light to dark across the piece is fantastic.

      • reply Maureen Carlson ,

        Ponsawan, I clicked on the larger view and was caught up in the number of different versions of the same color. Just Lovely. And so full of story possibilities about the differences even in sameness and the value in being up close in order to see the complexity and on and on.

        Thank you for sharing your spirit.

        • reply jana ,

          Maureen’s observations were spot on and beautiful….thank you for that.

          This is a wonderful piece from someone whom I admire….Ponsawan’s care and love for her daughter is a shining example of strength, courage, and adaptibility. I would imagine that, personally, her art has taken on new dimension and meaning in the past few years. I’m thrilled to see her featured here and send her, again, my best wishes and high hopes.

          • reply jana ,

            I needed to come back and make a correction….I began thinking that while it _seems_ like a few years since Ada’s accident, it hasn’t even been one! I can only imagine what time feels like for Ponsawan and her family, if it feels that much longer to me! 🙂

            • reply Keila ,

              Ponsawan’s new pieces are so beautiful! I would love to see this one in person.

              • reply Keila ,

                oops, I typed my link in wrong.

                • reply Doreen ,

                  Ponsawan really has an eye for color! I love her work. Congratulations, Ponsawan.

                  • reply Scott ,

                    Like the pied piper of polymer, the colors just seem to fall in line in a way that is recognizably Ponsawan! Her unique style lifts my spirit, leaving me wanting more.
                    Amazing that she hand forms and cuts each tiny piece by hand, creating shapes that curve and play off each other so brilliantly.

                    • reply Michelle ,

                      Absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I love the way the colors undulate, and how well the patterns work together.


                      • reply Susan ,

                        It has a meditative quality to it as your eyes move slowly from dark to light; from light to dark. I like to think that the light represents Ada, Ponsawan and the love they share that propels them through the dark and back again.

                        Ponsawan I’m delighted to see that your spirit continues to shine through your art. Thank you for sharing – both your art and your journey.

                        • reply Mike Devine ,

                          This piece is brilliant! Ponsawan is a blessing to the polymer community.

                          • reply Lisa Heller ,

                            Simply put-WOW. I can feel happiness pouring from it.

                            • reply Ponsawan ,

                              Thank you Cynthia and everyone for your kind words. The clay community has been a big support to me and my daughter throughout the year.
                              Of all the 450, 1 cm x 1 cm, square pieces that made up into this piece, only 40 of them were made from cane slides. The rest of them were hand formed individualy to achieve the different colors and patterns. I can almost say that none of them are identical. Again thank you all so much!

                              • reply Nancy Dezotell ,

                                Thank you so much Cynthia for showing us Pons work again. This period in her life and Ada’s shows us that no matter how difficult life may be, the beauty can always shine through. I am in awe of the brilliance she has.. and her indominable spirit gives all of us hope.
                                I pray ever day her and her family. Let us all send her best wishes and the miracles that a community of well wishers can create.

                                Pon you give so much, may it all come back to a thousand fold.

                                • reply Kate Clawson ,

                                  I love a piece of art that can be enjoyed from a distance and then as you get closer and closer more and more details and surprises are revealed. Beautiful piece!

                                  • reply Greg ,

                                    Beautiful work

                                    • reply carmel renehan ,

                                      WOW!! That is amazing

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