Polymer street art from CZK

CZK's street art polymer

London street artist CityZenKane’s has added a new video to his arsenal. His ray gun video shows the making of his 3D street sculptures. CZK sculpts the basic form in polymer, casts it and then paints it or covers it with cane slices. He also works with polymer UV and neon effects on his street art.

These additional articles and photos (here, here and here) may give you a better perspective on CZK’s work. The link is from Italy’s Leila Bidler.

I’ve been so wrapped up in vacationing and spring that I’ve neglected some of the edgier, more interesting developments in our community. Here are some of the recent polymer-related books you may find of interest as well.

Morris’ bohemian beads

Mixing polymer clay beads topped with delicate 3D petals and leaves, New York’s Jennifer Morris crafts romantic jewelry. She adds vintage findings, filigree, rhinestones and fabrics to heighten the retro effect.

Jennifer gives her pieces playful poetic descriptions that win you over to her bohemian worldview. What a romantic way to begin your week.

Stroll through her Etsy and Flickr sites.