Sanders’ integrative approach to polymer

Lately Washington’s Pam Sanders has been creating wall art frames that shelter companion polymer clay pieces inspired by ancient cultures and nature. Beads and clay also find their way into her paintings and collages.

Her “Old Man” and “I Am the Moon” pieces shown here illustrate her integrative approach.

Pam’s work is on the new “Crafthaus” site for artists as well as on Etsy.

Note: Sharon Sahl’s polymer clay gingerbread house was featured on a weekend Apartment Therapy post!

Miller mixes silk fusion and polymer

Tracy Miller

Colorado’s Tracy Miller mixes polymer clay with her bright southwest fiber art. Using silk fusion as a base, she paints, stitches, beads and sculpts the surface to create wall art. The medium has dramatic possiblities and Tracy achieves lustrous results.

This medium, also known as silk paper, looks like a promising new companion for polymer clay. Tracy demonstrated her technique on this HGTV tutorial.

McGlon’s hot sellers

Jenn McGlon is an painter/illustrator/collage artist and creator of funky polymer clay art…women birds, cakes, houses and polka dots…meant to make you smile.

Her line of small houses, Luettes, are wildly popular on Etsy and she does a brisk business in commissioned sculptures.

The best way to view her art is to look at the sold items in her Etsy gallery. Her style is young and optimistic and her sculptures perfectly mirror her drawings. Look out, there are many links on her site that you may find hard to resist. I had to explore her music too.

Seaman’s collages, Haddad’s treats

Kentucky’s Daphne Seaman shyly submitted these examples of her polymer clay collages on canvas. Recently I’ve been hungry for new visions and her work hit the spot.

Daphne mixes her media. These two collages combine paint, paper, cork, plaster and polymer clay on canvas. The first is called PolyKlimt and the other Amber Sky. Her latest commission was 50"x52". You need a close view to appreciate her technique and the rich layers of pattern. She’ll be launching her web presence soon.

We’re munching "road food" as we hit the highway for an adventure and these polymer clay Tiny Cravings from Ohio’s Jeanine Haddad look especially mouth-watering. Her tiny delacacies were voted one of last year’s Next Big Things on the site.